Reports reviewed


The reports we reviewed

In or Out? The Housing Needs of Older LGBT People in Birmingham (2016), Stonewall Housing/Birmingham LGBT

Based on a survey of 101 older LGBT people. Found majority preference for LGBT specific accommodation, and access to LGBT specialist care and support services.

The Last Outing: end of life experiences and care needs of older LGBT people (2015), University of Nottingham

237 survey responses, 60 in-depth interviews. Almost 66% of survey preferred specific LGBT services, lack of confidence in mainstream. Interviewees concerned about segregation. Importance of advice/support from people who understood LGBT lives and history. 65% lived alone.

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework LGBT Companion Document (2015), National LGBT Partnership

Aims to assist commissioners to respond to their duty under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 for NHS England and CCGs to reduce health inequalities and promote integration between services for an often marginalised community. Includes survey of 250 LGBT service users and carers. Highlights problems caused by overall lack of monitoring. Focus on care and support rather than housing. All references in report to housing relate to Stonewall Housing.

Rainbow Rising? LGBT Communities, Social Housing, Equality and Austerity (2014), Kevin Gullie/Dawn Prentice : Trident Social Investment Group

Not specific about older people’s needs and experiences. Strong advocate for monitoring especially as part of user feedback.

Assessing current and future housing and support options for older LGB people (2013), Sarah Carr/Paul Ross : Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Summary of key issues on housing and support options : independence, community links, identity, mutual support; LGB perceptions of mainstream housing and support services; strategic input.

Building a Sense of Community: including LGBT in the way we develop and deliver housing with care (2013), Tina Wathern (Stonewall Housing) : Housing Learning Improvement Network Viewpoint 39

Describes work and aspirations of Stonewall Housing older LGBT housing groups, and sets out 12 steps to good practice for housing providers.

Improving the housing and care experiences of LGBT people in later life (2013), Housing 21

Research into needs and aspirations of older LGBT people and proposal for how Housing 21 can make a positive impact.

Perspectives on Ageing: lesbians, gay men and bisexuals (2012), Sally Knocker : Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Summary of older LGBT views and experience on ageing.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Later Life (2011), Stonewall

Survey of 1,050 heterosexual and 1,035 LGB people over 55. LGB more likely to be single, to live alone. Less likely to have children, less likely to see biological family members on a regular basis. More likely to drink often, to take drugs, or have a history of metal ill health, depression of anxiety. Twice as likely to rely on external services for health, social care and support. LGB people not confident that service providers, including housing understand their needs.

Working with older lesbian, gay and bisexual people: A guide for care and support services (2011), Stonewall

Practical advice to organisations providing care and support services about how to meet the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The Whole of Me: meeting the needs of older gay men, lesbians and bisexuals living in care homes and extra care housing (2006), Sally Knocker : Age Concern

Resource pack for providers.

As We Grow Older (1995), Ruth Hubbard/ John Rossington : Polari Housing

Survey of 131 older lesbians and gay men. Need housing and social care to be considered together. Appetite for specific lesbian and gay housing provision. Need for information/advice for older people. Need for training for service providers in relation to older lesbian and gay people. Need to address potential loneliness and isolation. Organisations and individuals to share information. Older lesbians and gay men should be closely involved in any developments.

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  1. Lucy Pedrick

    The Human City Institute is doing a big piece of work on this subject this year, as is Anchor (in collaboration with Middlesex University).


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