Group of older LGBT+ people

Building Safe Choices is focused on increasing the choices that LGBT+ people have for their housing, care and support in later life, so they can make a decision from a range of safe and appropriate options.

About Building Safe Choices

Building Safe Choices has evolved from the Stonewall Housing feasibility report produced in 2016, with a collaborative steering group of organisations and experts working to build the evidence base of the demand for housing and related care and support for the older LGBT population and take positive action in response to this. Working together we produced the Building Safe Choices 2020 report, and are now looking at taking forward these recommendations and our Call to Action to public bodies.

The 2016 Building safe choices report examined the provision of housing and related care andĀ support for the older LGBT population. It reported that there are still no specialist schemes, and despite some providers setting out good intentions and improving their practice, older LGBT people are still uncertain about what they can expect, and fear the worst.

Our Funders

Supported by Mayor of London
Commonweal Housing
The Tudor Trust

Building Safe Choices 2020 is a joint project between Tonic Housing, Stonewall Housing and Opening Doors London.

For further information, contact Matthew Riley.